About Me

Bob Cabin N of 1Life Coach

I excelled in graduate school and poured my heart and soul into my career after earning my PhD in Biology: I got big grants, published important books and papers, taught thousands of students…

After 30 years, it was time for a change; I was beaten down by the bureaucracy and politics, exhausted by the students who didn’t care and didn't want to be there, and convinced that my talents were being wasted.

Since leaving academia, I live a much freer, richer, and more meaningful life, and I get great joy out of helping others similarly discover how to use their greatest gifts and lead their best lives.

I grew up in a small farming town; my first real job was picking cucumbers at age 12 for $1.10 an hour. Ever since then I have been passionate about sustainable agriculture and growing, cooking, and eating good food.

I love sports and played soccer and basketball in high school. Years later, while living and working in Hawaii, I discovered surfing and wilderness marathons. These days I prioritize exercise, meditation, and time in nature. I love open water swimming, especially in cold water (personal mantra: the shock is short, the cold is good!). I aspire to but so far have failed at doing yoga regularly. 

Last and certainly not least, I have been happily married to an amazing woman for 23 years. We are the proud parents of a son, a daughter, and a highly enlightened cat.