What exactly is a "life coach?"

A professional who helps clients create and achieve their most meaningful and important personal and professional goals.  

Are you certified?  

Yes, I am a certified mindfulness life coach.

What’s the difference between therapy and life coaching?

Therapists focus on mental health and emotional healing, while Life Coaches focus on setting and achieving goals.

What is your coaching orientation and philosophy?  

We form a partnership. You are a unique individual–an “N of 1.” So I will not subject you to any One-Size-Fits-All Life Coaching Templates, Models, or Programs. Instead, I ask lots of personalized questions, listen very carefully, and empower you to skillfully figure out what’s most important and how best to proceed.

How long does it take?  

Coaching packages typically range from 3 - 12 months. We work together to determine what is best for you. Beware of anyone who claims this is a quick, easy, and painless process! But if you are motivated, the results can be miraculous, transformative, and life-changing.

If I contact you, what happens next? 

We start with a 20-30 minute conversation to see if we might be a good fit. If we proceed, we'll have a second, 40-60 minute conversation in which we'll start to uncover the things you really want and yearn for. There is no charge for these first two conversations, and no obligation or pressure to continue working together afterwards.